Memik und Franz in Bahir Dar

I met Memik my guide in Bahir Dar more than 20 years ago.

The Hippo Bay at BahirDar

We are in Africa and yes I would like to see more animals. The story of the crocodiles comes below. The biodiversity of the animal world is breathtaking. In the first few days we saw so many animals just walking around „there“. We arrived in Bahir Dar after crossing the Great Rift Valley. Bahir Dar is unbelievable what we will experience there.

We heard from a friend that there are hippos here, there’s a whole bay full of hippos. We absolutely had to go there. I always thought that hippos were such lovely, fat and sociable animals. Are each other too, just not when a mother is defending her little one. We chartered a small single-engine motor boat and went out on the huge lake. There are 30 islands on this Lake Tana. There are 20 monasteries, some of which were founded in the 14th century.

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